About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


About Us

We are a team friendly loving and nurturing women in this nursery. We make sure all children are shown love attention and taught all they need to help their developmental needs. Every child needs support and attention to help them grow. This nursery was founded by two women with vision of helping parents and supporting children. These women had a dream of providing support to their community parents that need help with child care.


This nursery is also ofsted registered to help with the rising cost of child care in the community. We sing and read to the children. We do many activities with the children indoor and outdoor to help shape their development and personality. We teach the children about sharing and being respectful and polite to adults and other children in the nursery  

Health & Safety

Pink Ivy takes all the reasonable and practical steps and measures are taken  to safeguard the health, safety and well-being of all employees of the company wile they work and also all the children who are in the care of all the workers. 


There are sufficient measures that are implemented by the company to prevent accidents and illnesses  by managing the health and safety risks in the work place. We do this by carrying out risk assessments in the workplace and putting measures into place to prevent the risks founded.